At The Free School Norwich we understand that there is more to learning academic subjects. We aim to educate the whole child to make them good citizens of the future. Part of this is to encourage children’s understanding of the following aims to enable them to succeed, not only in school, but in whatever they choose to do. Our CUTHRIVE programme is designed to promote the positive.

Communication Understanding difference

Trust Hard work Respect Independence Vitality Expectations

  • Communication - caring relationships which grow and develop through talking and problem solving
  • Understanding difference - in the self, others and the wider world
  • Trust - positive and purposeful relationships based on trust
  • Hard work - inspired by engaging learning activities leading to achievement
  • Respect - at the heart of everything we do
  • Independence - building responsibility as we grow and learn
  • Vitality - productive energy from making the most of opportunities leaving us feeling happy, well and fulfilled
  • Expectations - a cycle of high expectation set up in those opportunities resulting in personal best, leading to praise and constructive self- evaluation and reflection that keeps telling us more about our learning, behaviour and emotions

The Free School Norwich
Kings House, Surrey Street,
Norwich NR1 3NX

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The Free School Norwich
Kings House, Surrey Street,
Norwich NR1 3NX