Norwich Opportunity Area

As part of our covid recovery programme, we've linked with Norwich Opportunity Area to extend opportunities for our most vulnerable children. This has enabled us to secure additional funds to increase enrichment and wellbeing opportunities for children across the school and training for staff with a specific focus on mental health. It's been a busy and exciting time, read about this below.

Forest Schools

Small groups of children across the school have been working with Amber at Enchanted Forest School to develop outdoor learning skills. Our Acorn Garden is beginning to come to life with leaf print bunting, wildflowers and clay critters. This term the children have explored the different habitats in the garden, used hammers and had enormous fun getting messy in our new mud kitchen. A pupil Year 3 says it is 'the best part of his day!' Some pictures of our progress can be seen above.

The funding has also enabled us to train 2 of our teachers enabling them to become Level 3 Forest Schools Practitioners and continue the great work which Amber has started.
Having a small garden, doesn't hold us back!

The Benjamin Foundation

A further grant has enabled us to link with Norwich charity, The Benajmin Foundation and offer children the chance to work with support worker outside of school as part of their Butterflies project. Children have built up positive relationships with their workers and developed confidence and emotional resilience over what has been a really challenging year.

Youth Mental Health First Aid Training

We have two trained Youth Mental Health First Aiders on site who support the safeguarding team in school when we are concerns about mental health barriers for our pupils. We are proud that our children feel safe to talk about their concerns and are developing emotional literacy skills to understand their feelings.

Communication Champions

We love to talk and believe addressing speech, language and communication needs in the early years can have a powerfully positive impact on the health and wellbeing.  As such in school we have 2 Communication Champions who support the delivery of quality Speech and Language intervention across the school.

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