At The Free School Norwich we are committed to the development of the whole child and as a consequence we place Personal, Social, Health and Education (PSHE) at the heart of all that we do. We recognise that schools support pupils to develop in many diverse aspects of life, and the responsibility of preparing pupils for their adult lives is one that The Free School Norwich takes pride in and assumes with integrity and purpose.

Through our curriculum, our school environment, our school ethos and the strength of our relationships, we strive to promote pupils’ self-esteem and emotional and physical well-being and help them to form and maintain worthwhile and satisfying relationships, based on respect for themselves and for others, at home, at school, at work and in the community. Through our curriculum we want our pupils to know and understand what constitutes a healthy lifestyle and develop a growing awareness of a broad range of safety issues.

Pupil voice lies at the heart of our school and the curriculum and opportunities we offer our pupils mean that they grow into independent, active and responsible members of our school community playing an active part in decision making. In order to flourish, thrive and develop into happy adults who contribute effectively to society, pupils at The Free School Norwich develop their personalities and behaviour through the specific focus on important values that enable them to reflect, learn, behave with integrity and work consistently well with others. We aim to build resilient learners who are better prepared for the ever-changing world they face after leaving our school.

Through our PHSE teaching and assembly times, our school environment and our school ethos, we aim to provide pupils with opportunities to:

  • Explore their values and beliefs
  • Set high standards of personal behaviour
  • Have a positive, caring attitude towards others Form and understanding of their own social and cultural traditions
  • Appreciate the diversity and richness of other cultures
  • Realise that it is alright to have your own opinions and not be influenced by the views expressed by others
  • Develop reflective practices and opportunities for mindfulness

The Free School Norwich
Kings House, Surrey Street,
Norwich NR1 3NX

The Free School Norwich
Kings House, Surrey Street,
Norwich NR1 3NX