The Free School Norwich enjoys the support of a strong board of governors who are drawn from businesses and organisations in the local community. The governing body works with the senior leadership team to provide oversight and strategic direction for the school. The governing body formally meets each term and governors are regular visitors to the school.

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Governor Information

Revised January 2020

Name Nature of Appointment Date of First Appointment Date of Resignation Role Responsibility Attendance % FY2018/19 Attendance % FY2019/20 Other Interests
Andy Skeggs Member 17/5/2017 Chair School Effectiveness and Pupil Personal Development 100% 100% Governor of Inspiration Trust
Tania Sidney-Roberts Staff 24/11/10 Principal &

Accounting Officer

Leading and Managing the School 100% 100%
Richard Nash Member 23/1/16 Curriculum and Pastoral Care (including LAC, EAL, Young Carers) 67% 100%
Sue Sands Staff 17/5/2017 Link Governor for Training 67% 67% Elected member of Norwich City Council. Member of Labour Party.
Luke Miles Parent 16/5/2018 Health and Safety and Premises 67% 100%
Mike Sands Co-opted 27/11/2019 Safeguarding and Pupil Welfare

(including Safer Recruitment)





Norwich City Councillor (also covers Childrens Services). Norfolk County Council Member. Member of Labour Party.
Jaime Rix Parent 29/1/2020 Staff Wellbeing N/A 100%
Faye Bunn Staff 29/1/2020 N/A 100%
Past Governors
Gareth Stevens Co-opted 12/11/2014 17/7/19 60% N/A
Donna Sweet Staff 14/3/2018 29/1/2020 50% 0%
Polly Langford Member 17/5/2017 3/2/2020 SEND, Pupil Premium and Pupil Behaviour 83% 67%
Chris Woodhouse Member 30/5/2012 6/2/2020 Finance and IT 67% 33%

Associated Parties Disclosure – September 2018

Name of Member or Governor
Organisation Associated To
Position in Organisation
Roger Margand Spire Solicitors LLP Trustee / Director
Roger Margand Mid Norfolk CAB Trustee / Director
No other Member or Governor declarations

To be reviewed annually in September at the first Governing Body meeting of the academic year

The Free School Norwich
Kings House, Surrey Street,
Norwich NR1 3NX

The Free School Norwich
Kings House, Surrey Street,
Norwich NR1 3NX