THRIVE Approach

We are a THRIVE school. For us, this means that we have THRIVE embedded within our ethos and THRIVE approaches are followed across our whole school setting. The THRIVE approach supports and encourages the development of confident, curious, creative and capable children and young people who are open to learning and better equipped to deal with life’s ups and downs. We have a commitment to continually deepen our understanding of how social and emotional learning develops and how this can be supported in school. We recognise that behaviours can be learnt and be held within our cognitive awareness, but also that they can be unconscious, patterned, non-problem-solving defence or discharge responses. Attentive, observant adults working with children are required to recognise behaviours, identify underlying needs and respond in appropriate ways. Our staff regularly have CPD in order to deepen knowledge and our school ethos, environment, resources, learning approaches, timetable and planning are all informed by our understanding of how importantly each impacts on social, emotional and academic development and learning. Drawing all these elements together has been a long-term vision for our school.

We have two trained THRIVE practitioners in school who, if necessary, will be able to assess your child and make recommendations for developing your child’s social and emotional needs. In the first instance we will meet with you to discuss what we have noticed and develop a plan for you to use at home. We then assess them in school and produce an action plan to work alongside the plan you are using at home. In most cases, the work in school will be achieved effectively in class, but in some cases, this may also include small group or individual work if appropriate.