Our School Values


Our school values guide how we think, how we behave and what we believe are important in the school community.  These enable children to Strive, Thrive and Achieve, encapsulating the specific qualities that we aim to develop in our pupils for them to become resilient, global individuals prepared for the wider world. The Free School Norwich values are C U THRIVE with each letter standing for a core principle. These are as followed:  

Communication: Fostering caring relationships through talking and problem-solving.

Understanding and Valuing Difference: Embracing differences in oneself, others, and the wider world.

Trust: Building positive and purposeful relationships based on trust.  
Hard Work: Inspiring engagement through learning activities, leading to achievement.  
Respect: Placing respect at the core of everything we do.  
Independence: Cultivating responsibility as we grow and learn.  
Vitality: Generating productive energy by making the most of opportunities, leaving us happy, well, and fulfilled.
Expectations: Establishing a cycle of high expectations within opportunities, resulting in personal bests, leading to praise, and constructive self-evaluation and reflection that continually informs our learning, behaviour, and emotions.