School Lunches

We aim to encourage healthy eating and children learn about good nutrition within school. They are encouraged to eat their “5 a day” and drink plenty of water which is freely available in all classrooms. Children are encouraged to eat a piece of fruit at break times.

Pupils may either bring a packed lunch (in a named, sealed box or bag but no glass bottles, fizzy drinks or sweets please), or they may have a lunch provided by our caterers in our dining hall. All meals are cooked on site and we monitor the meals provision closely.

If your child is in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2, you are entitled to Universal Free School meals so do not have to pay for lunches.

If your child is in Years 3-6, the meals cost £3.50 per lunch. You may be entitled to Free School Meals. The cost for school meals is invoiced to parents weekly. Payment can be made online or in cash directly to the school office.

When your child is on a school trip, a school packed lunch can be ordered if you are entitled to free school meals. School packed lunches for trips need to be ordered in advance.

Food allergies

If your child has a food intolerance or has a food allergy, please inform the school office.

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