The Free School Norwich Curriculum

A dynamic curriculum is instrumental in shaping the lives of children and nurturing them into becoming lifelong learners. At The Free School Norwich, we are committed to the idea that our curriculum should raise aspirations, foster independence and provide authentic real-life experiences for children of all ages and developmental stages. These principles are fundamental to the design and implementation of our curriculum across all subject areas. 

Nurturing children’s curiosity not only instils a passion for learning but also equips them with the essential skills, values, and attitudes crucial for navigating modern Britain and the broader global landscape. Our approach ensures that children acquire deep knowledge and explore a diverse set of skills, preparing them for life beyond the classroom. While academic success is a primary focus, our curriculum serves as a versatile tool, shaping the whole child. It supports their creative and athletic ambitions, fostering positive and active citizenship on a global scale. Purposeful activities are crafted to enhance confidence, self-esteem, and, consequently, contribute to the overall mental health and well-being of our students. 

Key Curriculum Principles

Knowledge and Skills

We structure learning by accumulating related concepts and fostering the acquisition of skills to apply knowledge in various situations.


Vocabulary and Reading

Emphasizing the use of precise technical vocabulary and reading to enhance children’s understanding, analytical abilities, and communication skills.


We engage pupils through active learning, striving to create educational experiences beyond the confines of the classroom, ensuring creativity and engagement.

Our curriculum at The Free School Norwich embodies the collective knowledge that our pupils acquire during their educational journey. It is elucidated through addressing three fundamental questions:

Intent of Our Curriculum at The Free School Norwich:
What knowledge should children possess upon leaving The Free School Norwich?

Implementation of Our Curriculum at The Free School Norwich:
How is our curriculum taught?

Impact of Our Curriculum at The Free School Norwich:
How do we measure the effectiveness of pupils’ learning within the curriculum?

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