Our school uses Tapestry, an online learning journal, to record work in all year groups. We take photos and videos (subject to parental consent) of children learning and share these with parents. Not only is Tapestry useful for helping teachers assess and record the understanding of children in class, but it also enables parents and children to talk together about their work, helping to develop children’s language skills and build their self-esteem.

In Reception (EYFS), significant observations of children’s achievements are collated and shared with parents or guardians regularly. Parents and guardians can also upload their own observations and use Tapestry to communicate with the class teacher.

In Years 1-6, Tapestry is used to record all Science and Computing lessons. It is also used in other lessons where appropriate to share videos and photos to demonstrate children’s understanding of their learning and to allow parents to actively engage with this. Please note that general communication with teachers should be sent via the office email account, however comments regarding Tapestry observations are very much welcomed.