Impact of Our Curriculum at The Free School Norwich

As children complete their educational journey at The Free School Norwich, our goal is to cultivate confidence within each academic discipline. They will have gained exposure to subject-specific technical vocabulary strategically introduced at key moments in a well-planned, coherent, and organized manner. Through explicit teaching and repeated reinforcement of key vocabulary and concepts, we aim to provide a solid foundation for future learning, ensuring that pupils are well-prepared for the challenges of the next stage in their education. 

This confidence across all subjects, will foster adaptability and flexibility in future learning endeavours. Pupils will not only develop a profound curiosity but also a genuine desire to acquire knowledge, enabling them to explore and comprehend the world around them. Recognizing that learning extends far beyond the confines of the classroom, children will appreciate how it enriches their lives in various aspects. 

Our approach emphasizes opportunities for learners to retrieve and apply their acquired knowledge in different contexts. This ensures that their education is not confined to rote memorization but is deeply rooted in practical understanding and real-world application, preparing them for a lifetime of continuous learning and engagement.